Overcoming Obstacles

At Make it Happen Now, we’ve identified the Top 10 problems that keep working adults from completing their degrees. 

MakeItHappenNow.org will provide tips for overcoming the following challenges:

1. Work

Work is the top reason young adults give for not returning to college once they leave.  Among students in four-year schools, 45 percent work more than 20 hours a week. Most students leave college because they are working to support themselves and going to school at the same time. At some point, the stress of work and study just becomes too difficult.

2. Finances

As the out-of-pocket costs of a college education go up faster than incomes, it’s pricing low and medium income families out of a college education. Tuition and fees at public universities, according to the College Board, have surged almost 130% over the last 20 years –  while middle class incomes have stagnated. The numbers confirm what most middle class families already know – college is becoming so expensive, it’s starting to hold them back.

3. Time Commitment

Most working adults can’t afford to take time off work to go to school full-time. They need to have a paying job to make ends meet.

4. Credit Transfer

Many adults have some college credit, or are currently attending community college, but fear their credits won’t seamlessly transfer to a four-year college, and it will take too long to complete a four-year degree.

5. Fear of Rejection

Many working adults fears no college will accept them.

6. Proximity

Many working adults struggle to find schools near them that offer classes that fit their schedules, or programs that interest them.

7. Quality

A disconnect between skills learned and skills needed is a problem and Washington is urging an upgrade in college curriculums to teach more skills related to “the growing sectors of our economy.”

8. Poor Instructor Performance

One of the few areas of consensus among education policy makers, practitioners and the general public today is that improving teacher quality is one of the most direct and promising strategies for improving education outcomes in the United States.

9. No Jobs

Many people have the mindset that college is just not worth the time and money – there are no jobs anyway.

10. Time Constraints

The stress of juggling work, school and family makes it difficult for adults to attend regularly scheduled classes. Statistics show that 23 percent of college students have dependent children.  Not having enough time in the day to get everything done is another reason many students drop out of college.

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