Our Pledge & Our Plan

Our Pledge

Bellevue University commits itself to reaching out to the 38 million Americans who have some college credit, but no degree. Through the Make It Happen Now initiative, we will provide the opportunity to complete a personal pledge that is both printable and shareable. We will help you crystallize your personal goals, think through the steps you need to take to achieve these goals, and solidify your commitment to yourself and your future.  We will continue to gather and disseminate videos and advice from workforce experts and those who have completed their goals, assisting with your journey, from decision to completion.

Our Plan

At Bellevue University, we will “do our part” to strengthen the ailing national economy by creating a work force that is competitive with that of other nations. Our programs are outcomes based. We don’t just teach from the same old textbooks and assume the information is current. We reach out to the business community to ensure our students are acquiring the skills businesses need.

In a single generation, the United States has fallen from first place to 12th in global graduation rates for young adults.  Make It Happen Now will accelerate efforts addressing the nation’s education deficit and facilitate personal commitments from people across that nation to help achieve the national objective of producing eight million more college graduates over the next decade to compete globally and keep up with other countries that are developing high-tech, high-skill jobs.

Make It Happen Now brings together more than 20 leading experts to provide working adults with simple tools and information that will help answer their pressing questions, along with strategies that will help them Make It Happen Now.  This comprehensive campaign incorporates the following five strategies for motivating Americans to get college degrees so we can create a work force that is competitive with that of other nations:

MakeItHappenNow.org – To help working adults and business leaders understand the higher education crisis in America and take steps to combat it, Bellevue University has launched this site to provide helpful tips to motivate and support people who want to advance their education and live better lives, step-by-step strategies for overcoming personal challenges that get in the way of going back to school, and regular news updates.

Personal Pledge for Success – By facilitating the process of helping people articulate their personal goals and break them down into actionable, short-term achievements, Make It Happen Now is helping Americans take the first step toward success.  Statistics show 95 percent of the people in the world who do not have stated goals fail, while the 5 percent who have stated goals succeed.  To activate Americans to get college degrees, Make It Happen Now encourages people to make a personal pledge for success by putting their goal in writing and sharing it with others.

Insights & Impact Research Studies – To identify the heart of the higher education issue in America, Make It Happen Now, in conjunction with Bellevue University, will conduct and release a series of Insights & Impact research studies.  Each study will explore the challenges people are facing, while delivering strategies that will help them overcome the obstacles they are facing day-to-day that are preventing them from achieving their life goals.

Expert Strategies for Success – Education and opportunity go hand in hand.  With this in mind, Bellevue University has identified the most common obstacles Americans face when it comes to getting a college degree, and we’ve assembled a Make It Happen Now team of experts to address these challenges.  More than 20 leading education thought leaders and experts in jobs, employment, careers, management, leadership, time management, personal finance, stress management, and personal productivity are collaborating to provide Americans with advice and strategies to overcome the barriers to getting a higher education.

Collaboration with Community and Business Leaders Across the Nation – During the course of this multi-year campaign, Make It Happen Now and Bellevue University will work with government officials and business leaders across the country to help mobilize people in local communities toward the national goal of degree attainment.


About Bellevue University

With over 9,000 students worldwide, Bellevue University is ranked number one by the U.S. News 2012 Top Online Education Program Rankings in the categories of teaching practices and student engagement. Regionally accredited, Bellevue University is proud to be an award-winning leader in distance learning; offering both online or in class settings at our main campus or satellite locations. Our accelerated degree completion programs have been recognized for innovation, leadership and diversity.

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