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6 Strategies for Living Your Purpose Every Day to Reach Your Goals
Marcia Francois
Personal Life Coach

There are two main reasons people don’t reach their goals, says John Kehoe, author of “Mind Power into the 21st Century.”

1. Their goals aren’t big or compelling enough; or

2. They don’t have any.

I believe everybody has a passion and a purpose, related to this passion.  When you have goals, you go through each day with purpose and you learn to seize opportunities that are in line with these goals.  An important step to reaching your goals is, through time management, charting your course through each day, each week, each month and, each year.   Time management and goal setting go hand in hand.  You should prioritize your time according to your goals.   Here are five strategies that will help you live your purpose every day so you can reach your goals:

1. Write your goals down.  For example, each year I write down my top ten goals for the year.  I keep a list of these at the front of my diary and on the inside of my cupboard door.  I glance over my goals each day. They become my compass, directing my daily course.

2. Keep a diary. I never leave home without mine.  If life is a journey, this is my map – each week, I chart my course for the next seven days. I sit down once a week, on a Sunday, to plan my week.

3. Consider that your day is a microcosm of your life. If you take care of each day and live it according to your values and your passions, you will take care of your life. How are you spending your time? If family is important to you, do you delegate enough time in your day to your family? Examine your typical day. Does it reflect what you want for your life?

4. Some people aren’t quite sure of what their purpose is. Your purpose should reflect your values.  To help people find their purpose, I usually ask them, “If you didn’t have to work for a living what would you do?”, or “What would you regret the most if you didn’t do it?”

5. Keeps a “good ideas list.” You need to catch your good ideas while you still remember them.

6. Read “The Success Principles,” by Jack Canfield.  It’s like a whole shelf of motivational books combined into one.

About the Author:  You have to have stars to reach for, stars dazzling enough to keep your sights set on the sky.  Marcia Francois, a personal life coach, is in the business of putting the sparkle back into a person’s life, through helping them to touch their own personal sky.  She is well-known as a time management and organizing expert, and is often called upon by the media as a source, and is a thought-provoking speaker.   Her mission in life is to inspire purposeful time management in busy women and help them to have the time and freedom to live life to the fullest.

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  1. Hello Rod !

    Your article was right on target !

    Is this the program you mentioned when we met late last year ?

    What a great idea !

    I suspect that Bellevue University not only will get a lot of good press on “Make It Happen Now” but also will enjoy a large influx of new students !

    Lee Mayhan

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